COVID-19 update

Dear customers,

We hope you're well. The development around COVID-19 presents us all with new challenges. Gladly, we at fiestamk8 are all healthy for now, and since we are a remote company, we're used to working from home and can do so without disruption.

Initially, we had been able to promise our typical delivery times, but as we all know by now, this crisis changes day-to-day. Fiestamk8 ships globally and our supply chain crosses many borders. We were able to get production and inventory back to normal, though delivery to several countries is still affected.


What we cannot promise you:

🤷‍♂️ That shipment laws in your country won't change while your order is on its way

😶 That our supply chain is not disrupted short term


What we DO promise you

We do our very best, so you get your order as fast as possible

To the best of our ability, you will know if your order is affected by turbulences before you buy


For most countries, it's service as usual. You can order your fiestamk8. Delivery might take a bit longer than normal since the postal services have a lot to do at the moment, and I believe we need to give the hard-working delivery workers some slack.


These are trying times, and I believe the only noble reactions we as humans can have are patience, solidarity, honesty and kindness.

Stay safe, keep calm, and call your loved ones.


Team Fordfiestamk8